Preschool Lessons

Preschool Lessons

Life Lessons 

Since children’s young minds absorb information like a sponge, preschool is an excellent time to begin teaching important life lessons to children, such as the importance of recycling or multiculturalism.  If children are introduced to these themes early on in life, their chances of growing up respecting them are increased.  

When including preschool lessons, make sure they aren’t needlessly complicated.  At this age, children learn better through simple concepts.  Actions have more of an impact on their growing minds at this age than words.  


Since is world is becoming an increasingly more diverse place, one of the most important preschool lessons is multiculturalism.  Multiculturalism can be introduced at the preschool level simply by tracing the heritage of each child in the room.  Ask them if they’ve met people from other cultures and what those experiences were like.

Also, here’s a fun preschool craft to celebrate the importance masks in different cultures called “Cultural Mask”.  Masks are used in some cultures for both happy and sad occasions, as well as to ward off evil spirits.  The materials for this craft can be any type of art supply on hand, including cereal boxes, toilet paper rolls, tissue paper, feathers, paint,

Before beginning the masks, show the children pictures of traditional masks from a number of different tribes and cultures around the world.  Let the children decide if they want to make a happy mask, a sad mask or an angry mask.  After their masks are completed, punch one hole on each side of the mask and tie a piece of string through the holes so children can wear their new creations. 

Sailing on the Friendship 

Preschool is the time in one’s life when social skills are introduced, making the theme of friendship an important and relevant one at this age.  This is the time in many of these young children’s lives where they are forming their first friendships, so it’s a great time to reinforce the notion of making friends.

Here’s a fun game to play called “Friend Roll”.  To begin, have the children sit on the floor in a circle.  Give a ball to one of the children, who rolls the ball towards another child.  As the ball is rolling, the child calls out, “I have a good friend, a good friend, a good friend, I have a good friend and their name is (insert child’s name here)”.  For additional participation, have the whole class yell out the name of the child who is about to receive the ball. 

For this friendship activity called “My Friend as Me”, children are to be paired up.  Trace an outline of each child on a large piece of paper.  Using crayons, markers, paint, and any other craft supplies on hand, the children are to decorate the cut-outs of their partners.  Once all the cut-outs have been decorated, place them up on the wall and try to have the children determine the model for each cut-out.